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Hi, this is a place to share comics about anything that comes to my mind. That means dumb stuff most part of time.

Domestic Dragon is the name of my autobiographical comics, in them I usually show a little about my life, ideas and opinions, and also fictional stories, all being told in a funny way (or not).

I also use this space to practice and study art and anything else that I find valid to use to tell something, which sometimes results in comics with different visuals.

The Author
John Mausson ( ORO8ORO ) always enjoyed drawing and reading comics, so he decided to study art, and in 2014 he graduated in Visual Arts and Multimedia.

In 2015, he was one of the winners of the Brazil Manga Awards 2 of the JBC publisher with the one-shot "Träumen". In 2016, he received an Honorable Mention in the international contest Silent Manga Audition 5 with the one-shot "Watching".

Also in 2015, he began the series "Domestic Dragon", and has released a printed compilation of them at the Festival Internacional de Quadrinhos 2018 and the Comic Con Experience 2018 both in Brazil.

And in 2019, published an one-shot as a guest in the comic Sayonara Bye Bye Tools Challenge, and in the same year, in partnership with Keto Pagano, released the comic "Animus" at the 4th Brazil FurFest.

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